CCUCM 2019 Master&Ph.D Degrees Booklet

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CCUCM sincerely welcomes all outstanding international students to join CCUCM and pursue a higher education here!


Established in 1958, Changchun University of Chinese Medicineis a key university in Jilin province. With distinctive school-running characteristics and outstanding social reputation, it is acclaimed as a university of Basic Capacity Construct Project in the middle and western regions of China.      

The total land area of the university is 571,000 square meters including a construction area of 395,000 square meters.The teaching and scientific research instrument and equipment are worth 280 million yuan.        

Currently, the university has 12,335 students, including 8,914 undergraduates and 1,673 graduates. It has1,114faculty and staff, including 686 full-time teachers, 157 senior professional and technical personnel, 304 deputy senior professional and technical personnel,76 Ph.D.supervisors,449 MA Supervisors and 3 TCM Master winners.

CCUCM has set up 18 undergraduate majors, 2 first-level discipline post-doctoral research stations, 2 first-level discipline doctorate authorization centers, 1 doctoral professional degree authorization center, 10 secondary discipline doctorate authorization centers, 6 first-level disciplinemaster's degree authorization centers, 38secondary discipline master's degree authorization centers and 5 master's professional degree authorization centers. It has formed a multi-dimensional talent training system embodying the undergraduate education, the graduate education, the higher vocational education, the continuing education and the international student education, with the authorization to grant doctor, master, and bachelor's degree. Since its establishment, CCUCM has produced more than 40,000 graduates, with its alumni at home and abroad.    

CCUCM continues to expand its international perspective, and is one of the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education to accept and train foreign students and students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions. It is also one of the universities that coverinternational students with Chinese government scholarship. CCUCM maintains.

Confronting new opportunities and challenges, CCUCM will build on its laurels and stridetoward the goal of becoming a first-class teaching and research TCM university.


1.Foreign citizens, in good physical and mental health.

2.Applicants who apply for the master’s scholarship should have their bachelor’s degree and be under 40Applicants who apply for the Ph.D. scholarship should have their master’s degree and be under 45;

3.Master's degree applicants require a bachelor degree or above; PhD applicants need to have a master's degree or above.

Application Deadline

15 July 2019

Application Documents

1.Application form (auto-generated after the online registration)

2. A copy of physical examination form

3.Highest diploma (inChinese/English or notarized in Chinese/English )

4. Academic transcripts (in Chinese/English or notarized in Chinese/English )

5.Personal statement (Self-introduction,studying experiences and a study plan should be included, no less than 800 words)

6. Certificate of Chinese language

Chinese Requirement: HSK level4 ;Native speakers of Chinese

7.A copy of a valid passport


       The major catalogue is shown in the attached table







Dormitory Fee

400RMB/Month (2 persons one room)

400RMB/Month (2 persons one room)


1.Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstand-ing international students for graduate studies in China.

Application Deadline: Tuesday, April. 30,2019

Admission target: Master's degree, PhD students.


(1)Non-Chinese citizens, in good physical and mental health;

(2)Applicants who apply for the master’s scholarship should get their bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years old;

(3)Applicants who apply for the Ph.D. scholarship should have their master’s degree and be under 40 years old;

(4)Applicants should have good academic marks.

(5)Applicants should have strong capacity in scientific research.

Duration and Standard of the Scholarship


Study Duration


Tormitory Housing


Comprehensive Medical Insurance

1-year Chinese Preparatory Study(Optional)















How to Apply

Please go through to complete the application.

The agency No. for CCUCM is 10199.

Step 1: Visit the website below and registe online.

 Code of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine :10199.

(1)Registration system of China Scholarship Council:

(2)Application system of International Education School of Changchun University of Chinese medicine(must enter the system or the material will not be accepted)

Step 2: After completing the online application of the China Scholarship Council, print the Application form for the Chinese government scholarship’which the system automatically generates, and prepare related materials according to the requirements of the‘application materials’.

Step 3: Mail all application materials to the international student admissions office of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine.

Application Documents Required

(1)Application form for Chinese Government Scholarship.

(2)Notarized highest diploma(photocopy).

(3)Academic transcripts. (Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations)

(4)Two letters of recommendation.

(5)A study plan in English or Chinese.

(6)Notarized Copies of research achievements.

(7)Certificate of English/Chinese proficiency.

(8)A copy of valid passport.

(9) Physical Examination form.

(10) Others.

2. JILIN Government Scholarship

Deadline for registration: Thursday, May 30, 2019.

Applicants who apply for the master’s scholarship should get their bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years old.

Please refer to the Chinese Government Scholarship enrollment brochure of CCUCM in 2019, or callInternational Admission Office for more details about admission criteria and content of scholarship.

Application Deadline: Thursday,May. 31,2019

Contact Information

Consignee: Fangtong LIU

Tel: +86-431-86045417

Fax: +86-431-86045417

International Admission Office of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

Address: No.1035 BoShuoRord, Changchun, JiLin , China

Zip code :130117


For more information, please check out the website of the College of International Education of Changchun University of traditional Chinese Medicine and the WeChat Public platform of "Foreign Affairs in Xinglin"